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For those who already know all about this radio please feel free to utilize the delete key at this time the others please continue to read. This is a very good radio with all of the controls having voice response.

On the left side of the radio starting at the top you have a mono /stereo switch followed by a line-in jack for input such as a stream followed by a head phone jack and at the bottom you have the power adapter plug. All of these have a voice response which tells you which jack it is and if you are connecting or disconnecting from the jack and what it is.

On the right side there are two knobs the top being the tuning knob and is also used for setting other functions from the menu. The second knob is the volume knob.

On the front of the radio you have two speakers on either side of the radio. Between the speakers starting at the top you have a display for those with vision which gives you all the information about tuning and the such. Under the display there is a single button which is the power button. Below that you have two rows of five buttons which are as follows, on the top row from left to right you have the band selection, AM FM and Aux, then there is the menu button used for setting the language and other functions, next you have the alarm button followed by the sleep timer then the display button which when pressed tells you the time and if you press it a second time it will tell you the band and frequency of the current station. The bottom row are the five presets which have the braille letters A – E on them going from left to right.

All of these controls and buttons give voice response which can have the volume controlled separately using the menu functions. When you press the power button to turn it on it tells you the battery status and the current band and station tuned to and when turning it off you get the battery status and that it is being powered off. When tuning the radio each frequency is spoken as you tune and when using the presets it tells you which preset is being pressed and the frequency that it is using. When setting the time you can have either 12 or 24 hour time and all times are spoken as you turn the tuning knob to select the time. When setting the sleep timer you can choose from 15 minutes to 120 minutes by turning the tuning knob. When setting functions from the menu or the alarm and sleep you make your selection by turning the tuning knob then pressing the center of that knob to confirm your selection.

The radio uses 6 C size batteries or the included AC adapter. The batteries are inserted on the back at the bottom by opening the battery compartment door and inserting the 6 batteries which are in two rows with the positive end pointing to the left. There are two rows of batteries 4 on the bottom and the other 2 just above them.

There is a pdf available on the Sangean website which is accessible and has a lot of information, however, the radio layout description does not mean much if you can not see as it is a picture with lines and numbers pointing to the different controls that are referenced by the numbers. I have written to them about this but have not heard back yet.

I hope this gives enough information about the radio to be useful to everyone.


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