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Vicki W

That's exactly what I'm going to do. I had my right wrist fused three years ago, so it's not too easy anymore, but for labels, and close to $800.00, I'll manage just fine!.

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I know that most of us are slower using a slate and stylus then we are using a braille keyboard, but maybe it would be best to use a slate and stylus with the right kind of labeling tape for whatever you need. On another list I’m on, there are people who use a slate and stylus to label things.

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Vicki W. wrote:

"Yes, that was it until I saw the price! I'd better start saving my pennies
because it sounds exactly like what I'm looking for."

Ha, ha dear sis; you may need to save those pennies for two 'cause I might
borrow one from you permanently. At $775? I don't know if I should label
anything in Braille anymore, yikes!!

Before we shell out those pennies, how about we take advantage of their
four-month trial? Hopefully they'll let us get a jolly ride in that regard.

Denver, colorado ha,

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