accessible electronic toothbrush

heather albright

Hay my lovely 10 year old Philips Sonicare no longer holds a charge sie. I like this brand as one an see, it has a long life spande. Unfortunately, you cant change the batteries so it shows it is charging as the charger still works but, it will not work! It has one of those built in batteries!  So does anyone know of a brush that has tones or vibrations when you are switching modes. They all seem way high-tech and menu driven  and some use Bluetooth sheesh. I wish they still had my old brush but, of course they do not make that model anymore! Mine had five settings that I memorized and I could tell what setting it was on by the way the brush vibrated. I was hoping in this day and age, they might have brushes with tones especially now they have different pressure sensors now, not just different brushing settings. So now you have to choose your pressure, than your brushing setting and the time. Cheers Heather


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