Re: playing midi files with vlc


Try doing a select all while in whatever folder it is that you have your
various midi files that you are interested in playing similar to how you
would with other files.

Or try using the keystroke Control+F to play the folder of files.

If you've already tried these options with no success, sounds like VLC has
difficulties with midi files for whatever reasons.

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I hope my question is at least close enough to what this group covers and
that you can help me.

My aim is to open a folder of MIDI files and be able to have them played
without having to manually go from one to the next.

I use VLC to play other files and hoped it would work with MIDI. VLC
preferences show that it can be associated with MIDI files but they do not

I was told that perhaps associating VLC with a .sf2 file would solv the
problem. Where can I find a .sf2 file which can be associated with VLC? Is
there another way for MIDI files to play sequentially?

In case it's important, I'm running Win 7.

I will gratefully receive any help you may have. I believe that some
discussions have referred to Sound Fonts.

Joe Giovanellli, W2PVY

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