Re: Solving CAPCHA on Chrome

Gerald Levy

A few weeks ago, the developer of Captcha Solver for Chrome posted that he would begin charging $140 a year for this service, which means that it is no longer a viable option, especially if it doesn't work consistently.?? It might even be an outright?? scam, like Captcha Be Gone, so caveat emptor.?? I am not aware of any other accessible captcha solver that works with Chrome.


On 8/21/2019 10:56 PM, Joe Orozco wrote:
Hi, can anyone recommend a good accessible CAPCHA solving service on
Chrome? I previously downloaded CAPCHA Solver, which had been designed
for blind people, but in addition to having to run in developer mode,
it didn???t actually work, at least not for me. If anyone can make a
better recommendation and give some instruction on how to use the
extension, I???d be much appreciative. Thanks guys.--Joe

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