merging talkback with chromeVox and android with chrome-OS

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>



Since chromeVox can do so much more than talkback as far as braille support, keyboard support, working with touch screens, math, and more… Why does google not just get rid of talkback and use chromevox for everything on all devices? If chromeVox worked on android then we would have great braille and keyboard support from the get-go, from startup to shut down. And the chromeVox braille support is lots more developed than talkback and brailleBack. And instead of android and chrome-OS, why doesn’t google just merge the two systems? Or just make chrome-OS run on everything with chromevox plus android apps working with chromeVox so you get the best of everything on phones, tablets and chromebooks? I think this would make the google experience even better than it is now and less fragmented.





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