Re: How to add in "Exceptions"?

Jaffar Sidek

Agree totally with you Gene.  Strangely enough, the best PopUp blocker I've come across over the years is that built into Internet explorer, though It is generally a piece of crappy software which Microsoft allowed to be built into it's OS.  For me at least, it holds the record for the most number of crashes when it is actually being put to use.  Such a pity though because in terms of security, it was the best of the worst out there during that time frame.  c=Cheers!

On 8/23/2019 4:12 AM, Gene wrote:
These popup ads may either be the result of adware, which should be removed, or you may have said yes when you were asked by a site if you want to receive notifications.  In either case, I doubt any popup blocker will work.  any reasonably competent browser today has a built-in popup blocker and it isn't stopping what you are seeing.  The actual problem needs more discussion and possible solutions.
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Hi List, Since I hate wasting my time slogging through pop-up advertisements in my Chrome browser on my Windows 10 Desktop computer,

I clicked on an Add Blocker. 


However, it did not come with instructions on how to allow an exception, when I do want to learn more.


Have any of you come across this and found a way to manage this?


Many and sincere thanks for any tips!


Sincerely, Vicky V



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