Re: using Visual Studio 2019 with Jaws

Jaffar Sidek

Dave.  Which edition did you download? Is it the community edition?  And which version of Jaws are you running?  I use Vs2019 for work with Jaws every day so I find it strange that your set up isn't working.  Do you have NVDA installed?  try out the NVDA VS2019 combo and let me know if it works.  You can email me privately for help if you so wish and I'll do the best I can to help you out.  Cheers!

On 8/23/2019 4:52 AM, Dave wrote:

I have just downloaded the Visual Studio 2019 from Microsoft, and am
attempting to use it to write C Sharp Code.

I was told that JAWS has been made to work with this program, but every
time I attempt to run some Code, I get a message telling me that JAWS
can't read this, and to Contact the JAWS Tech Support to Report it.

Since I know Nothing about Visual Studio 2019, I don't even know what
Questions to ask, let alone be able to give JAWS Tech Support any useful

I'll end up calling JAWS, but thought I might ask here first, a couple
of questions.

Is anyone else using the latest version of Jaws and Visual Studio
2019?    Successfully?

And if not, are there better programs, where I can write Code, and then
Run that Code from inside the Editor?

I do not need to use Jaws.  I did just see where NVDA is now to read
Notepad Plus Plus, and if this program would work better, all I need is
for someone here to tell me that Notepad Plus Plus works better with
NVDA than Visual Studio 2019 works with Jaws, and I'll make the switch
very quickly.

Just am needing something to work reliably, and so am here asking for
the advice of others who have gone before me.

Thanks for any support with this,


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