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Changing the sounds.


1. Exit your email program.

2. Press the Windows key and type sounds, or you can go to your system tray (Insert+F11), and select what will be titled whatever your soundcard is with a percentage of what it's currently set at, press enter and either press S for sounds or arrow to it pressing enter.

3. On the Sound dialog box, on the Sounds tab, under Program Events, under Windows, click New Mail Notification.

4. Click Browse, and then select a different audio file.

Note:  Only .wav audio files are supported. Other audio file formats such as .mp3 or .aac can’t be used. Your favorite sound editing program might be able

to convert other audio file formats to a .wav file.

5. Click OK.

6. Restart your email program.


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Using Windows 10(1903,  Jaws 2019 and office/outlook 2016, where can I find  to change the sound on my e mail?

I want to hange the current sound or chime my pc makes when I receive a new message

Before today it was easily found in my sounds/volume

I currently have this in my system tray but when I go to open it to “sounds” I can’t find where to change it.



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