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Robin Frost

I’m not TerryLynne but it appeared on the ACB-L list; and the message I’ll quote below seems to be in line with that which it states though the closing message doesn’t yet appear on the official site itself. Begin quoted message from site:
“NOTE:  Our VIP 3000 talking thermostat supplier is currently in a backorder situation.  Because of this, we do not have thermostats to ship.  It is our
hope to resume shipments by the end of August.”
I loved dealing with this company and loved their products I find this announcement heartbreaking and will write Harry personally to express my gratitude for a great product and great service over the years.
I’m just wondering if anyone on this list has used any of the other thermostat solutions such as the Nest or EcoBee options as a means of finding out what other alternatives are out there for the Blind. Similarly if anyone uses any of these connected thermostats do they for instance have up or down arrow buttons for changing temperature settings on the fly in case one’s internet is down or any buttons for switching from heat to cooling to off or are they completely touch panel in terms of their physical body?
Take good care.

From: Mike B
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Hi TerryLynne,
What a shame!  Thanks for posting this message.  Out of curiosity, how or where did this message come from?  I'm not challenging its validity, but I've purchased several Talking Thermostats over the last several years from Harry and I haven't received an email about anything.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
I believe that everything happens for a reason. Usually, the reason is that somebody screwed up.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Talking Closing


P.O. Box 27145  ●  Golden Valley, MN  55427  ●  Tel  (763) 591-9557  ●  Fax  (763) 544-7166


Dear friends of the Blind and Visually Impaired Community,


My name is Harry Cohen and my company, Talking has supplied many of you with talking thermostats and excellent customer service over the past sixteen years.  I am writing to inform you that as of this date we will be exiting the talking thermostat business and closing our company. 


This was a difficult decision to make.  We were helped with this decision by the manufacturer, BuyMax Alliance who is also our supplier of the VIP talking thermostat.  Because of poor inventory control by our supplier, their stock of talking thermostats was depleted in January of this year.  In addition, our supplier changed to a new electronic assembly vendor in China.  Both of these issues by our supplier have caused very long lead times resulting in a stock out condition of thermostats not only for our company but also for our competitors.  All the VIP talking thermostats come from the same factory in China.


We have not had thermostats to ship since February.  BuyMax Alliance told us we would have thermostats in April.  Then they changed the delivery to the end of July.  It is now the third week of August and still no thermostats.  During these six plus months, we still offered customer and technical support even though there was no income being generated.  Without income, we can no longer afford to pay rent, keep the lights on and keep the phones active.   Therefore, we are closing up shop.


With the closure of our business, product questions and warranty issues now revert back to BuyMax Alliance, the VIP 3000 manufacturer / supplier.  BuyMax Alliance can be reached at 866-936-6622.


Over the past sixteen years this business has given me the opportunity to establish relationships with the blind and visually impaired community of the United States and provide another means to help people with visual impairments live more independently.  Thank you for this opportunity.



Harry Cohen


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