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BootSafe is something that you may want to look in to (description and URL to download below).

BootSafe - Download:

* This is the description I spoke of above.

Brian Vogel

After all the discussion of getting sound in Safe Mode, it would probably help to discuss actually booting into it.

I have earlier talked about using MSCONFIG or bcdedit methods for doing this, but both have the disadvantage of making that boot sequence "permanent" if you don't undo the change while you're in Safe Mode.

Someone on Bleeping Computer just pointed me to a freeware utility, BootSafe, that fills the bill perfectly to allow you to either directly restart and boot into Safe Mode a single time, or to stage things such that when you choose to Restart next that you'll boot into Safe Mode. It's also 100% accessible with NVDA.

The program runs as a portable program from any non-networked drive (that means copy it somewhere on a disc drive that's internal to your machine). The only big proviso is that you must not remove the program or move it from its location after you've used it to stage a Safe Boot on next Restart. Once you've gone to Safe Mode, and then later rebooted into regular Windows, you can safely remove it then.

The options, for anyone used to using Safe Mode or looking to use Safe Mode, are self explanatory. All are controlled by radio buttons and as you move among the 4 options the radio button is automatically selected. The default is Safe Mode, Minimal, which means without networking. You want to down arrow once to get to the Safe Mode with Networking option. After that you simply tab to one of two buttons: list of 2 items
1. Configure only (no restart) - which sets the stage for the machine to enter Safe Mode when you next choose to Restart it or Cold Boot from complete shutdown.
2. Restart Windows - which instantly begins the Restart process, so close out your programs before hitting this to save your data, and boots straight into Safe Mode. list end

If you change your mind after having fired up the program, and have not yet activated either of those two buttons, simply close the program.

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How do you now get into safe mode. F8 no longer works for me. I
have a file that I need to delete. I can not move it, change the name or
delete it. I am told that I need administrator permission.


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