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I haven't checked yet, I'm going through my mail.  But in a lot of cases, old manuals can be found for all sorts of things by doing a Google search.  In this case, try something like Braille 'n Speak manual and the version of the Braille 'n Speak.  If that doesn't work well, try something like download and then use the same search as you did after that word.

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Hi David,

Do you have the complete help file?

It has everything that the manual has in it.I will also check to see what I have.

I do have the help file if you need it.




73 N2DYN Angelo


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Subject: [TechTalk] Braille 'N Speak;


Good morning all;

I realize this is old hardware/software, however, does anyone know where I could obtain a manual for the Braille 'N Speak?



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