Uk to US voltage converter

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  I want to send a friend in the USA an 8tb external drive.  The problem is the power supply differs between the UK and the USA.


One can purchase travel converters but as I understand it these travel converters can only be used for short periods at a time, The last I heard it was 2 hours max.  And in addition they weren't to be used frequently.  That's what I recall anyway.


So, does anybody have any suggestions on what kind of converter I could send with the drive so she can use it immediately to move the contents from the 8tb drive I send to a drive she might purchase in the states.  The best option is a portable drive but there isn't a portable drive large enough, 5tb is the largest portable drive I can find and I don't have one of them to send and it isn't large enough anyway.  Suggestions are welcome.  Walter.


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