Re: Uk to US voltage converter

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Hello Walter:

Let's check on a few things before I throw out any suggestions. First, do
you know if the external drive you're sending to your friend support dual
voltage--that is 110V/115V (or even 120V), as well as 220V/240V?

Second question: Does it have a button you can either push in to change
voltagecycles, or a slider that can be easily moved from one position to the
next to achieve the same purpose?

A third question: Assuming the answer to question2 is NO, is the drive
capable of switching automatically between the two voltages?

Ok, I'll go put the insomniac to bed, bring him back to say more in the
morning or afternoon after having read your response. Somehow, we'll get
this sorted out, all the best and have a fun-filled day!

Denver, Colorado

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