Re: Uk to US voltage converter

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Walter wrote:

"None of the external drives I have are switchable regarding voltage.
However I got some sighted help and the AC addaptors all state they are 100
to 240 volts so based on that all she would need is an adaptor to change the
UK 3 prong plug to a US 2 pronged plug, I think."

Thank you sir for taking the time to answer my questions. Indeed, the drive
in question is capable of switching to the correct voltage automatically
with zero intervention on your part and mine.

In that wise, all that your friend needs to do is to grab an adaptor from
Walmart, or just about any similarly situated store and plug the drive in
before plugging it to the wall socket.

BTW, in the United States, we do have, and our sockets support three-prong
plugs! All our sockets are standardised which takes guessing out of it.
The plugs can only be inserted into our sockets in one way. If the first
method of insertion does not work, just flip the plug over and you'll score
a heart trick! All the wall sockets I have felt in forever have THREE-PRONG
plugs in place.

What then is the difference? It's the shape of the plugs. Secondarily, our
wall sockets DO NOT COME with on/off switches. In this regard, it can be
argued that we do it the PLUG-&-PLAY style.

So, go ahead, send the drive over. And, if I qualify for a JOLLY RIDE, send
one this way too, <JUST LAUGH WITH ME, I'm crazy that way pal!> All the
very best.

Denver, Colorado

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