Re: sending the full amount of money through pay pal

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Evan, in your post, the following statement appears:

"Paypal MAKES MONEY from CURRENCY CONVERSION." Not sure I know what else
you need to know that the COST OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE CONVERSION was added to
the transaction fee you paid Paypal. At least Paypal is reasonably
transparent within the law on that score. Just ask Paypal directly and
you'll be surprisingly shocked. Paypal won't EXCHANGE THE FUNDS for you if
it won't make a cent on the transaction. In some cases, those conversion
fees ARE NOT EVEN REFUNDABLE should you cancel your transaction. Even if
you send the funds as FRIENDS & FAMILY, a currency exchange fee will still
apply on such international transactions.

Denver, Colorado

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