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I should also say that I was assuming this effect is on Sound Recorder Pro.  It could be in the Braille Note as well.  I don't know if it might process sound when you run an app or if it leaves that completely to the app.  Though I would think it would leave it completely to the app, I don't want to assume it.

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I don't know what such a filter is called but it is lowering the volume when you are recording a quiet passage and raising it when you are recording a loud passage.  That is to keep out extraneous sound.  Evidently, that is the default setting and the default is ridiculous.  A loud passage w8ill cover up extraneous sound.  A soft passage will allow much more of it to be heard. 
If you look through the app settings, does anything appear to match my description?
My laptop soundcard has such a setting and I turned it off. 
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Subject: [TechTalk] Fluctuating Recording Volume

I use Sound Recorder Pro on my BrailleNote Touch plus running Android 8. I've noticed that the volume in my recordings fluctuates. Is there a setting I can tweak to keep this from happening?

Here's a Dropbox link to a recording I made earlier with this app. It's not bad, but you'll definitely notice the change in volume. With this recording, I used a headset with an in-line microphone, but I've noticed the same behavior with the device's external mic. This leads me to believe there must be a setting I can change. Any ideas?


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