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Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Hello Michael:

You wrote:

"my budget is 200/300, I wouldn't mind spending a little bit more than

My apologies for delayed response. Please laugh with or at me for a bit. I
got my fingers stuck in this and that as I keep practicing how best to RUN
LATE to my own funeral as if I'd know whether or not I am being stuck in the
ground or fed to the ... Anyhow, based on the foregoing, I would suggest
you take a hard look at a mid-range toy in the Android ecosystem. This way,
if it doesn't work for you, you wouldn't have spent too many pennies and

For a start, I would recommend the Nokia 6.1; this one will get Android 10
soon. Android 10 got out of beta today and was officially released to the
public albeit still on Pixel phones for now. I have heard that the 1Plus
toys welcomed the new OS today. HMD which manufactures and sells Nokia on
the Android platform has promised an upgrade for the 6.1, 7.1 and its
related other cousins. Please check it out here:

Whilst at it, you may also want to check out the Nokia 7.1 as well.

Now and then, I do see flagship toys selling for 300 & a quarter dollars,
but one must HUNT THEM DOWN immediately before they are gone! Looks like
Google will let you trade-in an iPhone and get the Pixel 3A FOR AROUND $149.
Reportedly, this one will get up to six Android updates. The Google Store
will most certainly have some better info than I have been able to share

You also wrote:

As far "as what I'm looking for in a phone, could you be a little more

It appears you did a better research than what I was thinking; As I read in
this space, I see folks plunging into the Android world without doing a lot
of digging. So my question is irrelevant.

You further wrote:

"Yes I'm ready for a learning curve. I am thinking of making the swich
because I find the I Phones are slowing down faster,and Android is much more
customisable. Yes I love tinkering with new things."

It's grand to know that you are a tinkerer like me. My biggest problem is
that I don't document what I do; I do achieve results and when I don't, I
back track and try again. I should command Olusegun's silly fingers to stop
and write down something during their tinkering processes. It might take me
a trillion weeks to get there with my excitement when it comes to tinkering.

Yes, customization is huge in Android Land; the fact that I can throw any
TTS of my own choosing at my screen reader is a big plus! If Braille is a
huge necessity, Android is only there in bits and pieces; some sweet day, it
will dawn on the Talkback team to get cranking. All that aside, some folks
have reported being able to use their Braille notetakers with their toys
without a glitch. I'm an avid Braille reader, but I don't have a good
Braille device toy to interface with my Shiny Android toys presently.

I hope the foregoing is somewhat helpful; there are more brilliant folks who
play with so many mid-range Android toys on an Android mailing list that
DOES NOT TIE THE HANDS in front of one's chest; traffic will be high, but NO
HOLES BARRED! No moderation, everyone is an adult, and we treat each other
with respect. Will share more info should you wish to cross that bridge.
Also, please take a good look at:

This site is pieced together by the community, has a plethora of information
about Android including demos of apps. The community doesn't update it on a
regular basis, but the general basics are largely the same.

Denver, Colorado

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