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chris judge

FYI. Mystic access just did an excellent, free class on using the chrome
book. It's called "a world of chromebooks", and is available on their
website at: Go to their free downloads link. They are also in the
process of producing a full-fledged tutorial covering the chrome book. This
will be available on September 16. If you've ever used their tutorials you
will know they are very well done.

I purchased an acer chrome book last week. It has 4 gig of ram, which is
standard, and 64 gig of storage. It's kind of cool. I'm not sure if I'll
ever replace my windows pc with one, but they're great to have as they are
light and easy to toss in an overnight bag while travelling. Aside from
surfing the net and email, you can do word processing, spread sheets and
slide presentations using the google suite. Also, some of the android apps
will run on them. I have already installed Netflix, spotify and dolphin easy

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For help with the Chrome Book, you should probably consider joining the
ChromeVox mailing list at:

I've thought of grabbing a Chrome Book, but my twisted mind can't zero-in on
which brand to throw a stone at. I keep leaning much more towards tablets
purely for business purposes.

Sorry for nudging you towards another mailing list and I hope the folks
there will address your issues clearly.,

Denver, Colorado

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