Re: purchased a new ipad want to learn voice over.


To answer your first question, yes, you can set up something that will allow you to turn voiceover on or off without sighted assistance. Go to settings, general, accessibility and find accessibility shortcut at the bottom of the screen. This shortcut lets you triple press the home button to turn an accessibility feature, such as voiceover or zoom, on or off. A good way to practice voiceover gestures is to go into the voiceover section of accessibility menu and locate voiceover practice, a feature you can use to practice gestures.

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hi all.
so my brother who is sighhted purchased the latest ipad mini.
he installed ipad os 13 beta on it.
i have never used voiceover in my life and wanted to practice voice so
that i can purchase the ipad for me also.
so i am going to ask a lot of questions.
1. is there a way to start voiceover without sighted help?
2. is there a guide that compares voice over jestures with that of talkback?
3. is there a guide that tells us about different voiceover jestures?
4. can you recomend podcasts or mailing lists to learn more about voiceover.

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