Re: purchased a new iPad want to learn voice over.

heather albright

Hello, here is a great group to join, they have all the tetorials on anything with voice over and all things apple. They have free classes too! Her is the subscription :

For a list covering all Apple devices from a blindness perspective

cheers Heather


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If you can get Siri to turn on VoiceOver, you can go into it, and the first option after Heading is About. Double-tap on about, and do an Olusegun thing; explore. Try single tapping with one, then two, then three, then four fingers, then double and so on. It will tell you what that means. Whenever you want out, just hit Home button or press the Side button, as I don't know how new it is, probably press the button at the right side near the top. Then, double tap it to get to App Switcher; swipe up with three fingers to close Settings where Siri took you to, plus you also went to General, then Accessibilities and finally to VoiceOver.


Then check to try to find a list of VoiceOver commands, and if you don't find them, there will be a phone number for Apple Accessibility, where you can call, and they'll email them to you. Actually, if you want them, write me off list:




And I will send them along with other stuff about how to use an iPhone, some of which would apply to the tablet.


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hi all.

so my brother who is sighhted purchased the latest ipad mini.

he installed ipad os 13 beta on it.

i have never used voiceover in my life and wanted to practice voice so that i can purchase the ipad for me also.

so i am going to ask a lot of questions.

1. is there a way to start voiceover without sighted help?

2. is there a guide that compares voice over jestures with that of talkback?

3. is there a guide that tells us about different voiceover jestures?

4. can you recomend podcasts or mailing lists to learn more about voiceover.








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