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Monica Jones

Ok, thanks, Carlos. I had never heard win-enter would work in seven, so this really helps too.

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Win-Enter works in Windows 8 and 10, but only after setup is complete.
After you upgrade to Windows 10, you should use Win-U to start Narrator to
complete the setup.
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Hi Quentin,

Thanks for the help and thanks for the link to your book. I didn't know
that win-enter would take me directly to Narrator. I've been using win-U.
I'm using windows seven. I should have said last night. I will keep this
for when I try it.

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Hi Monni,

You should be able to use the system tray icon to upgrade. You can use
your existing screen reader to make choices such as what you would like
to keep, and then once it starts the install, it will go quiet and
reboot several times during the process. At some point (try after say
half an hour or so and then every 20 - 30 mins) you should be able to
press either WINDOWS+U to start the ease of access options which will
start Narrator and give you the option to turn other accessibility
features on, or you can press WINDOWS+ENTER to turn Narrator
specifically on without the other stuff coming up.

Once Narrator starts speaking (if it doesn't, go and have another cuppa
and try again in half an hour) then you can use it to walk through the
rest of the install. After that you can either go back to your previous
screen reader (NVDA should work) or you may need to reinstall (eg Jaws)
- Freedom Scientific have setup their authentication server so that it
won't cost you an authorisation to reinstall Jaws when you upgrade.

If you'd like more details, I have available a book on upgrading and
getting going with Windows 10 available here:

The utility people have mentioned you can download from Microsoft is for
if you want to create a DVD to use to say reinstall from scratch or
before the upgrade was available to everyone (Windows 10 was released on
July 29 but the upgrade icon didn't appear to everyone on that day so if
you were really keen you could download the media creation tool and
"force" it. You shouldn't need it now to upgrade though and you do have
to upgrade from your existing install of Windows 7 or 8. You can't
install from scratch and then enter your Windows 7 or 8 key.

Kind regards


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On 18/11/2015 12:40 PM, Monica Jones wrote:
Since everyone seems to be upgrading to Windows Ten without sighted
assistance, I thought I might bite the bullet and try it too. I see an
option in my sys tray that says upgrade, but I’ve had some say to get
some kind of tool from Microsoft in order to do it. Thanks for advice
and/or instructions.
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Monni, the coffee gal
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Facebook, Monica Rose Jones

Monni, the coffee gal
Twitter, @Monni52

Facebook, Monica Rose Jones

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