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What do you see when you look at the message? 
When I read the message as a text message, I see long links.  I pasted one to the clipboard, removed the less than sign at the beginning and greater than sign at the end and then followed the link.  I was taken to a PDF file, which I saved.  It read correctly when I opened it in my PDF reader but the newsletter may be nothing or almost nothing but links to PDF files.  But if you tell us what you see, it would make it easier to know if there are other ways to look at the information.
When I looked at the message as an HTML file, I saw a number of links that said image removed by sender.  These links evidently are links you can follow as you would a standard link in an e-mail message.  You can see where they lead.  Whatever is in the images that are part of the links, images of text, pictures, etc. will not be readable by the screen-reader and you will have to decide if it is worth using the JAWS OCR function to see if you can get access to any possible images of written material

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Could anyone help me to open this newsletter using jaws twenty nineteen?




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