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In this case, No, This is a case of document formatting. Just like
there's a difference in a notepads .txt file and wordpads .rtf file
and a MS Word .docx file, PDF is it's own special file type which
requires a PDF reader, most commonly used is the Adobe Acrobat reader
and it's free. The reader adds an addon to your browser to
automatically read PDF files as you come across them or you can read a
PDF offline with it's stand alone program.


On 9/6/19, Jeffrey Schwartz <> wrote:
Doesn't jaws read the same kind of files as Adobe Acrobat?

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September issue!

I don't think that is a link to a webpage, I believe it's somehow being
reported as a link to a webpage, but it may just be a link to a graphic.
You need to view this newsletter as a PDF document using something like
Adobe Acrobat reader either as a addon for a browser or as a standalone
program. If you try one of the options I posted last night you should be
able to get this information I'll post it below, but I'll cut off the bottom
of the newsletter because it's a very long list of acknowledgements of
donors to their program.
If you have any trouble installing Adobe Acrobat, let us know and we'll help
you get that done.


Here's the newsletter:
Fresh and Engaging:
Towers New Kosher Dining Service and Program August 2019 TI-IE TOWERS AT
I +- 141
Tim Smith, Regional Director of Operations for Morrison 42.
We are delighted to announce that Morrison has joined the Towers team to
transform and enhance our dining experience. Food is the focal point of a
much wider experience that is educational and social.
Morrison will bring food to life to enrich the lives of our seniors every
day through many new initiatives. There is much to look forward to. Our
community will enjoy a teaching kitchen that will bring residents together
under the tutelage of executive chefs to learn the "how to's" of preparing
a dish, food history, health benefits and chef tips. Super-foods of the
month, seasonally chosen, will provide an extra nutritional punch and
educate on the power of food. Through the Heirloom program, we will get to
share family recipes and histories with one another to be prepared for and
shared with the entire community. Our new display kitchen will dazzle the
senses as guests enjoy the smells, sights and sounds of our chefs working
their magic. With dining events that are current and fulfilling, everyone
at The Towers can make wonderful emotional connections while enjoying tasty
and healthy meals.
Tim Smith, Regional Director of Operations for Morrison, explained that
building strong relationships is what sets Morrison apart. He enjoys the
fact that the company is forward thinking, delivering a dining program that
is outside of the box, but with a traditional feel. Tim had plenty of
praise for the team that will be serving the Towers community every day. Lou
Roca, the Director of Dining Services, has been in the culinary field for
43 years, ten of them in Kosher dining. His food philo- sophy is to use
fresh, whole unprocessed foods incorporating fresh spices and herbs. He
shared, "I enjoy making people happy through a great dining experience and
I'm looking forward to being a part of the Towers team." Jon Lefebvre,
Executive Chef, explained, "I always say that your eyes eat first, a mantra
that started when I won my first culinary competition at 16. I am excited
to bring this concept to the Towers dining program and look forward to
preparing dishes that always look as good as they taste."
Adesh Singh, Dining Experience Supervisor, who helps residents enjoy meal
times by ensuring that customer service is a top priority among the wait
staff and chefs, completes the team. Adesh has been in the field for twelve
years, much of it with seniors.
The new dining team is also looking forward to working with the broader
community and organizations who are invited to host Kosher meetings and
events here at The Towers. To learn more about hosting a meeting or an
event, please contact Jennifer Bayer, Director of Development and Community
Relations, at extension 290, jennifer@ .
Weekly Programming
2:00 pm Afternoon Movie 7:00 pm Evening Movie Monday
10:30 am Chair Exercise
1:00 pm Manicures
2:00 pm Yiddish Group
7:00 pm Evening Movie
10:45 am Towers Chorus 1:00 pm Knitting & Crochet MI 2:00 pm Bingo
1:00 pm Stay Balanced/Fall
Prevention Program
7:00 pm Evening Movie
10:30 am Art Class
1:00 pm Healthy & Fit Exercise
1p:10 2:00 pm Adult Coloring
7:00 pm Evening Movie
11:00 am Chair Exercise
11:00 am Bible Study
12:45 pm Gospel Choir
1:00 pm Create-a-Word
2:00 pm Tai Chi
2:45 pm Trivia
5:30 pm Dominoes
7:00 pm Shabbat Service
10:00 am Shabbat Service
2:00 pm Afternoon Movie
6:30 pm Bingo
7:00 pm Evening Movie
Aug 2019
Watch for these Upcoming Events
Dates and times are subject to change.
Thursday Aug 1 Tuecdav Aug 13
3:30 pm Dance Session with Instructor Leng Tan Wednesday Aug 14
12:30 pm Monthly Blood Pressure Check
Thursday Aug 15
12:00 pm Residents
Association Summer Splash
7:00 pm Towers Chorus Performance— Songs Across the Globe Tuesday Aug 20
10:00 am Coffee Klatch Group
Monday Aug 5
1:00 pm Monthly
Poetry Meeting
Monday Aug 5 &
Jesday Aug 6
9am-3pm Welcome Dr. Joyce Saltman Healing ,Education, Laughter & Play Course
Friday Aug 9
8:00 pm Birthday Oneg
10:00 amChair Massage (Bimonthly)
11:00am Mah Jong Group
1:00 pm Healthy & Fit Exercise
2:00 pm Arts & Crafts
7:00 pm Evening Movie
im 7:30 pm Bimonthly Dance Group IFWednesday
10:30 am Hearing Clinic/ Seamstress 110
10:00 am Hospitality Meeting
2:00 pm Jewish Aging Mastery Program Graduation Friday Aug 2
10:00 am Monthly Shopping Trip— Stew Leonards Saturday Aug 3
2:00 pm Humor Hour with Jim Brochin
7:00 pm Movie & Discussion with Jim Brochin
11:30 am Karaoke with Dance Instructor Leng Tan Thursday Aug 29
7:00 pm Monthly Tenant Council Meeting
Please Note: Some regularly scheduled programs may be cancelled to
accommodate other additional programs. We strive to frequently offer new
programs in a wide variety of topics.
Towers Foundation: Loving Kindness in Action

On 9/6/19, Jeffrey Schwartz <> wrote:
I'm interested in the activities link. When I get there, I get the
link "select activities number" I hit this and nothing happens.

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- September issue!

Since this newsletter was e-mailed to you, you're e-mail program may
not be able to render a PDF. You could try viewing it in a web
browser by visiting their website at:

Move to the top of the page and tab until you hear "Our newsletter"
and press the enter key. If you have Adobe acrobat reader installed on
your PC it should open up in the browser. As Gene said, it won't help
with all of those graphics, and I did scan it with DocuScan and it
seems as their mostly decrative, so I wouldn't spend time using the
OCR feature in JAWS unless your really curious.

If you click on the our newsletter link from their website and nothing
happens, you may need to install the Adobe Acrobat reader. You can
download it from:

If your still having a problem viewing it in your browser, you can do
as Gene did and download the PDF to your PC and view it in the Adobe
Acrobat program itself. You can download the PDF by going to their
website and instead of pressing the enter key on the our newsletter
link, you would use your applications key on your keyboard or
similarly you could press the Ctrl key and the F10 key to open the
context window and then press enter on the save target as option. This
may vary depending on what browser your using, but their all very


On 9/5/19, Gene <> wrote:
What do you see when you look at the message?

When I read the message as a text message, I see long links. I
pasted one to the clipboard, removed the less than sign at the
beginning and greater than sign at the end and then followed the
link. I was taken to a PDF file, which I saved. It read correctly
when I opened it in my PDF reader but the newsletter may be nothing
or almost nothing but links to PDF files. But if you tell us what
you see, it would make it easier to know if there are other ways to look
at the information.

When I looked at the message as an HTML file, I saw a number of links
that said image removed by sender. These links evidently are links
you can follow as you would a standard link in an e-mail message.
You can see where they lead. Whatever is in the images that are part
of the links, images of text, pictures, etc. will not be readable by
the screen-reader and you will have to decide if it is worth using
the JAWS OCR function to see if you can get access to any possible
images of written material

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From: Jeffrey Schwartz
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Subject: [TechTalk] help opening message: Towers Times Newsletter -
September issue!

Could anyone help me to open this newsletter using jaws twenty nineteen?



From: The Towers at Tower Lane <>
Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2019 3:30 PM
Subject: Towers Times Newsletter - September issue!

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