saving email attachments on iPod or iPad

Josh Kennedy



I got an email attachment that was a zip file. Is there a way to unzip it and read its contents on an iPod touch? I tried sharing the zip file with the files app but it would not let me save it to “this iPod.” The zip file I found out when I saved it in windows, was password protected anyway so I emailed the person asking for a plain zip file.

I would like to know, because I think if I could do some more advanced stufff with the iPod like saving files to it from sendspace, that if my windows machine died, I could use an iPod or iPad as my main laptop until I purchased another windows machine. Voiceover has great Bluetooth keyboard support and braille display support at least it does on iOS, as I have found. I just got a 32gig iPod touch 7th generation because I wanted to see how I liked the latest iOS. So far it is excellent. I like the vo-q command which turns on a second website quick nav so I can navigate by headings and things just by pressing letters on the Bluetooth keyboard. iOS is a very easy simple platform to learn, google android should take some queues from iOS in how it does things and update talkback so its easy like iOS, is.





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