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That's good.

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Thank you so much for all of your help.  I definitely like Fire Fox much better than Chrome.  It reads a lot better as well.  Again, thank you for everything.


On 9/6/2019 2:33 AM, Gene wrote:
To make Google or whatever page you want to be your home page, do the following:
Open the page you want.
then type alt t to open tools.  Then o to open options.
If you are using JAWS, turn off the virtual pc cursor with JAWS key z.
If you are using NVDA, turn off browse mode with NVDA key space bar.
Shif tab until you get to general.
Down arrow once to home.
Tab until you get to a button that says something like restore defaults.
Tab once more and you should be on an item where you hear the word home.  You may hear other text spoken as well
This is a combo box.  Open it with alt down arrow.
Down arrow to custom page.
Tab until you get to use current.  It is a button.
Press the space bar.
google is now the home page.
After that, turn on the virtual PC cursor with the same command you used to turn it off, JAWS key z.
If you are using NVDA, turn on browse mode with the same command you used to turn it off, NVDA key space bar.
There is no okay button.  Changes take immediate effect.  Do whatever you want now.  You will be leaving a web page, the options web page so go to another page, close the browser, anything you would do when leaving a web page.
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Control k moves you to an edit field where you type the search.  When you press enter, the results page comes up.  But that isn't the page you want as your home page.  That is the page with the specific results of your search.
Go to the Google home page in the usual way.  I'll tell you what to do next later today, after I've looked at the procedure.  But you may decide you want another home page because you can type a search after the command control k.  So having Google as a home page would seem to be largely redundant.
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People have told me to hit Control L for putting an address in but it already goes there so I just type it in.  Yes, I do want to make a home page.  So if I hit, Control K, I can type and it should come up and then how would I make it my home page?  Thanks.


On 9/5/2019 7:35 AM, Gene wrote:
I'm not sure what you are asking about searching.  Control is the command to move you to the address bar to type an address.  You don't need to make Google your home page if you just want to use it for searching and don't care what else is on the page.  Use the command control k and you will be in an area of the window where you type a search and press enter.  You can see, but I believe the default is to search using Google and a page of results will come up.  It will be a Google results page.  If it isn't, if it is something like a Bing results page, that can be changed to Google, but I'd have to look at Firefox to see how to change it. 
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            Hi Group:

I just wanted to thank you all for helping me with Fire Fox. It's
working great.  I had no trouble downloading and when I launched it, it
asked me if I wanted to make it my default browser and I clicked on it. 
I didn't have to do all of the things that I needed to do for chrome. 
It also reads Facebook just like IE. I'm thrilled about that.  I have
one more question, is there any settings that I need to know about?  I
am very simple.  I just enter web pages by typing in the addresses and I
don't use bookmarks.  I couldn't just hit Control L to search.  It
actually said where to search so I didn't have to type Control L.  Is
there any way I can get rid of that and I can just type it in as
normal?  I never had to set Chrome or IE so just wondered if this was
any different.  This is brand new to me.  Now for my final question,
what are the commands to make google my home page?  I tried the commands
in Chrome but it didn't work.  Thanks again for everything.


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