Polaris Mini File Transfers

Joe Orozco


I recently purchased a Polaris Mini off someone. I’m having trouble
transferring data between the Polaris Mini and my PC. Even though the
cable seems to charge the Polaris, the PC is not recognizing the
device as an external hard drive; therefore, I am unable to transfer
files. He did not send me the original cable, but while I’ve heard of
some cables being unable to charge a device due to insufficient
wattage, I’ve never heard of one that will not, at the very least,
transfer data. Even the cheap ones should do that, and the cable he
provided is not a cheap one. Is there a setting in the Polaris I need
to toggle to be able to use it as a mass storage device?

Another annoying issue I’ve noticed is that when I attempt to put the
Polaris to sleep while connected to the PC, it says I cannot enter
into sleep mode. It goes to sleep anyway, but then, when turned back
on, it won’t allow me to use the left scroll buttons unless I
completely reboot the device.

Sorry, I’ve tried reading through the user manual, but HIMS does a
pretty terrible job about explaining such things. Any help would be
very much appreciated.



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