Re: Spellcheck in Microsoft Office 2013.

Quentin Christensen

Spellcheck in Word 2013 and later opens in a task pane, rather than a dialog box.  The same options are all there, but moved around a bit.  From memory 2013 and 2016 didn't automatically read out the misspelt word or its context either.  You can press escape to go back to the document which will move to the word in question so you can read it and the line etc, edit if you want and press F7 to start again from the current point.  Using NVDA, you could also use object navigation to read the information from without the pane as well.  If using NVDA particularly, you might be interested in our Microsoft Word with NVDA training module, which is available from our shop:

I'm not specifically pushing Office 365, but spell check is one feature which works much better in newer versions of 365 than Office 2013 / 2016.

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On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 7:58 AM Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...> wrote:
Spellcheck works fine in Outlook 2013, but in a Word
document, I get something about a proofing pane and don't
know what to do to get Spellcheck to work, that is to show
possible words, let alone change the misspelled one. Anyone
know what to do to solve that problem? Thanks in advance.

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