Re: accessibkle radio scanners?

goshawk on horseback

at a guess, I would say from any of the normal radio places, radioworld,
knights, Nevada, martin lynch, w & s, etc.


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Simon, where can the speech board for these devices be found?, Billy

On 10/09/2019 09:17, goshawk on horseback wrote:
the icom ic-r8500, ic-r9000, and if you've got the budget for it, the
ic-r9500 can all have speech fitted.


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Subject: [TechTalk] accessibkle radio scanners?

hi guys, I'm asking about a radio scanner or receiver that is accessible
to the blind?.
I suppose older type devices would be best as they are not menu driven.
Switches and nobbs are always best.
I suppose second hand devices will be difficult to find.
Recommendations of scanners/receivers which a blind person could cope
with and use daily would be fantastic, make and models if possible
It would also be useful if an antenna for use with these devices would
be very helpful indeed.
I realise such devices might not be on the market anymore for the
visually impaired to use, but thought i would ask anyway, hoping some
kind person can help me out, Billy

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