Re: how many use both?


I use both, I don't have a daily driver android at the moment, but
that's mainly because of not having the extra to replace my old galaxy
s6. I Love both for different reasons. IOS is boring but there are
some features that make it worth having.

On 9/13/19, chris judge <> wrote:
I use iPhone, and am forcing myself to learn android so I can support
clients. I bought a pixel 3 for the purpose. Try as I might, I haven’t grown
to enjoy android yet. I’m trying, lol.

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I have an android phone for what it does best, and an iPod touch so I can
use the best that iOS offers without spending a fortune. I have the latest
iPod touch 7th gen that came out In May of 2019. So are there others on here
that have both android and iOS to have the best of both worlds so to speak?


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