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Hi TerriLynne.  I had the same problem on medical reference sites.  I would select and copy some text, and either would not get what I selected when I pasted into Word, or my cursor would jump and I would find myself in the middle of an ad.  In Internet Explorer, I just turned on popup blocker by doing alt-T for tools, arrow up once to Internet Options and hit enter, hit ctrl-tab until you get to the privacy page, and then use the tab key to get to “turn on popup blocker check box unchecked.  Hit spacebar to check that box and tab to apply, hit spacebar to apply, and then hit okay.  Turning on popup blocker helped me a lot to be able to select text and get my cursor to stay put.


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I have the problem on any recipe site that I have found.



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David, TerriLynne and all


It isn't clear whether this is one site or more where this problem occurs.  If its one site, there may be something odd about how the site is coded to display but if it is a general problem, I'm not sure what's causing it.



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I don't quite understand why your cursor would be moving around. On a web page, the cursor should move up down, right, and left just like in a word document. Is the virtual PC cursor on? you should be able to hold the shift key down, and down arrow to select the lines you want, and then paste them into a word document. you can always bookmark the Page, by pressing control + d and then pressing enter. then you can go to your bookmarks and read that web page whenever you want. you may want to reinstall Jaws or other screen reader, because your cursor should not be moving around on the website. Take care!
David Moore
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I am using windows 10, jaws 18, and switch back and forth between internet explorer and google chrome. But I am having a hard time getting recipes from the internet. The cursor moves around so that I have to do a lot of up and down arrowing. The text is hard to impossible to copy and paste, so I have to type it out myself which seems to aggravate the cursor not being where I lef it. Is anyone using the internet to get information they want to keep? If so, how are you accomplishing this?





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