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Hey Geen,
Hang in there.

Check out my first ever single: Do Dogs Go to Heaven.

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Thank you.  
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Good news. I’m glad for you.
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Here is an update.  
I was really lucky.  My doctor had an opening today.  I went there and she said I shouldn't go to the ER now.  We are going to work on the problem and she told me about alternatives to hospitalization concerning the problem I didn't know about.  for now, that of course is the much preferable option and if things go well, I won't have to be in hospital.
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I'm going to have an unexpected health problem checked today.  I feel fine but I may be in hospital so I may not be as active on the list.  I'm sure Laaz will do a good job dealing with anything that may come up..  
Please don't clutter the list with good wishes messages to me.  You may send them to 
Since the messages are directed to me, they would just be clutter on list.  
I don't know if the problem is serious or not but it needs to be checked.  

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