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Don Risavy, Jr.

Thanks too for this info as fixing to have mine installed today and will see if it’s that bad as my area just got them a month ago. So may be the bugs aren’t as bad as will come back and report on what thought after both my boxes are installed since have two tv’s in two separate rooms.

But, thanks for the info on the remote as going to save this in case get a tech that either don’t have a clue or doesn’t want to take the time to explain it which going to record everything when gets to the remote so have it for my reference plus save this post too.



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Thank you this information is exactly what I need. Smile! I am blind. I used to be a TV junkie and owned over a thousand DVD movies until I lost my sight. Now I never watch TV. But my wife still loves TV and keeps trying to get me back into it. She has been blind since birth. Me for many years now.




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Yes, I have this box. It does not work very well and it skips a hole lot making what your watching choppy when it keeps freezing. Also the guide is always down. But when it works, it is  some what accessible! Here is the model number:spectrum :201-h Here is the accessability line: (844) 762-1301. So if you have the remote because the idiots cant tell you because they are idiots! So I am going to assume you are blind like myself. So I will tactically describe the remote they should be giving you! There is no braille guide and the idiots will keep telling you to look for the green or the red button because you know blind people are able to see the green or red button!

So hold the remote in your hand, I am right handed. The top of the remote has a smooth surface that you point at the tv.  Now feel down towards your body and you will feel 3 buttons, two are the same size and one small button. The right button is wher you can turn on the tv after it is connected. I do not use the other buttons, no one ever gave me a guide! So below the this row on the left hand side is a rocker switch and the first on is the volume up and next is mute and next is volume down. To the very right is channel up, flash between 2 channels and channel down.  Now we come to a cross section with buttons around it.  At the bottom  there are two square buttons. The one on the left is the important button if you want to turn on the accessibility features. So hit the square button and on the number row hit 3 and that will turn on the accessable guide. Now if you want audio description hit the same square button and the number 2 and that will turn on DVS. If you want close captioning you hit the square and the number 1. It does not work for deaf blind with the braille displays. Now if you turn on DVS it will stay on till you turn it off.  The other square allows one to start recording on that channel. So go back to the cross and The top has two round buttons, do not know which idiot decided this layout but, the first round button takes you in to the guide with is self explanatory and you can make all the changes, with is not much, set your recordings see what is on tv for at least 2 weeks.  The other round button, gives you more info about the shows and and it will give you more info if you press it again. The top of the cross deals with the box it is a pause button and the left and right are rewind and fastforward the big circle in the middle is the okay  and the bottom is away to show the mini guide which I never use. The bottom circle is a skip back 10 seconds. The other is to exit out of the minues. The fat button between the squares is how you access the recordings instead of having to go threw the guide. The right  square starts recording! Oh I almost forgot sorry, there are 3 small buttons between the volume and channel,  the first allows you to directly search for networks and the one below gets you in to the guide and the one below is another pause button.  I want to point out this box is not fully accessible if you want to access say Netflix, it will not talk and the Netflix app will not talk if you are watching it threw the box. Sometimes it will not announce codes that pop on the screen too.  This remote also drains ones batteries so be prepared to have extras on hand. Also feel like you are going back to the 80s woe. It is super slow and the voice is lacking and you cant do things quickly sheesh. It will just make her confused and she ends talking over herself shesh. Lets just say, if you using the talking guide, it is real slow but, if you turn the guide off it is faster, not by much. They did the bare basic and I do not think they care it was made only because the FCC past a law and spectrum hired idiots to make the box and did not have a blind person test it before they semt this out. I would have given it a grade letter d  and sometimes f-. Oh if your blind, you cant have talking caller id on screen; you would have to switch the non accessible box. Oh if you wanted whole house support, you cant have the accessible boxes. Also if you want to use any other apps, they do not talk even if they talk on other platforms! Cheers Heather




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From: Merv Keck
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Subject: [TechTalk] Spectrum Cable box with DVR and Narration?


Does any spectrum customer out there know the model number of the world box with narration that has the DVR feature? I am not sure which list to ask on. There used to be a thread or several on the Access Media Team group about spectrum but I noticed they are all locked so I thought I should not begin one over there in case they did not want that company discussed.

On Thursday I spent 45 minutes speaking with a number of spectrum customer service reps setting up an appointment for someone to come out and swap out a regular old Cable box for a new box with narration. They also turned on DVR on my account and assured me that the new World box with Narration had DVR functionality as well as the ability to hear audio described TV when available.

The first appointment was 8 yesterday morning. The tech never showed up. The second appointment was 2 yesterday afternoon. the tech showed up with a non-accessible box. The third appointment was today at 9 in the morning. The tech brought a model 110 and installed it which took about 90 minutes because he had no clue how to connect it, pair the remote to my 60 inch HDTV with a simple HDMI input which does not talk, etc.

After he left I spent over two hours trying to get the DVR and the audio description to work only to find out the 110 was the wrong box. I need a later model. So someone else is coming tomorrow around 11 in the morning.

So I was wondering if anyone knew the model number I should verify when the tech comes to make sure it has a DVR before he leaves.

In the last 48 hours I’ve literally spoken to 11 clueless, apathetic spectrum individual from low level customer service to alleged escalation techs and dispatchers. I’m convinced spectrum is Latin for something really nasty. Laughs!




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