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Merv Keck <blind5sparrow@...>

Your information is very valuable and I already passed it to a lot of people. I appreciate it very much. Here in Florida Spectrum used to be Brighthouse. Believe me I am not kidding when I tell you their idea of accessibility used to be call us and we will read you the total of your cable bill. And charge you $5 for the privilege.

Florida is very behind the times. The tech that came today had never even seen this 110 set top box or remote control that the tech yesterday left. He had never heard narration before. I asked him why he as a Spectrum employee was not trained on such things and he said they are not allowed to deal with any issues related to anything that is not a standard run of the mill box.

I gave your remote directions to quite a few people who needed them and they are very appreciative. Thank you again.




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Well, I gave you all the info for the 201 box which I have here in Texas! I called the accessibility line and their department deals with these boxes! If anyone is have issues dealing with spectrum please give a call,to Will Schell I guarantee your issues will be noted and resolved! Will Schell

Attorney Advisor,  Disability Rights Office

Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau

Federal Communications Commission

Phone:    202-418-0767

E-mail:    Will.Schell@...

Web: THat is how I was able to get what I needed! Cheers Heather


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From: Michael Amaro
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here in california it is the 110 or the 210 not the 201


From: Merv Keck

Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2019 10:30 AM

Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Spectrum Cable box with DVR and Narration?


Monday spectrum will make their fifth attempt at installing an accessible Cable box with DVR. It is possibly the 201 World box with Narration and DVR. The first tech didn’t show up. The second tech didn’t have a box. The third tech installed the 110 which is only a set top box and while has narration does not do DVR or push audio description. It is sad that my wife can sit here and hear the audio description on her iPad Pro 2018 on the spectrum app while the alleged accessible box is not pushing the audio description. The fourth tech came today and tried to find the 201 model box with both DVR and narration and allegedly the ability to do audio description. But I am not holding out hope.

I spoke to a supervisor on his phone and was told that neither spectrum techs nor subcontractors are allowed to install these special boxes as they are just not given out “willy nilly” and are kept in the warehouse for when they are “really needed.” When I informed the supervisor this box was really, really needed they said someone would come out Monday morning at nine and install one. This will be the fifth tech. he or she will be a “Security technician” as they are the only ones allowed to touch these very special boxes as the other techs are not even made aware of their existence. The spectrum tech I had today was rather disgruntled about the fact that these boxes exist and he was not aware that they are available for his customers who need them.

Since Thursday afternoon I have spoken to Fourteen employees of spectrum and have yet to get this simple issue resolved. You would think I was asking to have a Nuclear Reactor replaced in the back end of the Bat Mobile.




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Are there different boxes for accessibility?

I didn’t have to ask that when put my order in down here in Florida.

So which one is the correct one supposed to get?

We’ve been waiting for a long time to get these in our area in Florida as Spectrum said was waiting to make sure all the bugs got out of the boxes before issuing them. So hopefully receiving one that works well or like should which will give my report once have used mine.

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Well, not sure of the number on the box, but they do have an accessibility department that you can talk to. They should know which box that you’ll need.



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Subject: [TechTalk] Spectrum Cable box with DVR and Narration?


Does any spectrum customer out there know the model number of the world box with narration that has the DVR feature? I am not sure which list to ask on. There used to be a thread or several on the Access Media Team group about spectrum but I noticed they are all locked so I thought I should not begin one over there in case they did not want that company discussed.

On Thursday I spent 45 minutes speaking with a number of spectrum customer service reps setting up an appointment for someone to come out and swap out a regular old Cable box for a new box with narration. They also turned on DVR on my account and assured me that the new World box with Narration had DVR functionality as well as the ability to hear audio described TV when available.

The first appointment was 8 yesterday morning. The tech never showed up. The second appointment was 2 yesterday afternoon. the tech showed up with a non-accessible box. The third appointment was today at 9 in the morning. The tech brought a model 110 and installed it which took about 90 minutes because he had no clue how to connect it, pair the remote to my 60 inch HDTV with a simple HDMI input which does not talk, etc.

After he left I spent over two hours trying to get the DVR and the audio description to work only to find out the 110 was the wrong box. I need a later model. So someone else is coming tomorrow around 11 in the morning.

So I was wondering if anyone knew the model number I should verify when the tech comes to make sure it has a DVR before he leaves.

In the last 48 hours I’ve literally spoken to 11 clueless, apathetic spectrum individual from low level customer service to alleged escalation techs and dispatchers. I’m convinced spectrum is Latin for something really nasty. Laughs!




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