Help Getting Started With OpenDrive

Margaret Thomas

Good Evening:

I apologize if my previous attempt at sending this did make it to the list.  It landed in my in-box and not in the folder where it should have gone.

I got a licensed copy of OpenDrive to back up documents and files on my Windows 7 machine a couple months ago.  It was not a good time to try to learn

something new then and, although now isn't much better, I want to try again and hope some kind person who uses the service can help me get started.

I downloaded and installed the app back then and created a test folder in Documents and uploaded a couple test documents and put them in the test folder.

When I logged in yesterday, I got a message saying that a new version was available and asking if I wanted to update.  I didn't click on yes.  Somewhere
seems to say that

version is the most recent.  Other than Programs and Features, which says, how can I find out what version I have?  Help in the menu Is

about help for Windows and not OpenDrive.  Is the new one accessible  with JAWS 2018, 2019 and NVDA 2019.1.1? Windows 10 is in the near future.

I was able to find the User Guide for the app on my previous attempt at learning OpenDrive a couple months ago and, after some fumbling around yesterday,
the darn thing.  Am I missing something or is it not available on the app or only on the page for

I also  have a question about uploading documents to the secure folder. I think I read something during my previous learning attempt  about a second password

being necessary to complete it.  Does this replace the password one signs in with or are there two passwords needed to do different things.

I do not have experience with DropBox etc.  and heartily disliked OpenDrive on my earlier effort with the thing and, today, don't like it any better.
Does anyone have any hints or suggestions for configuring the app so it works better with JAWS and/or NVDA?  I'm running Google Chrome and Firefox.

Any help getting my money's worth out of OpenDrive and feeling comfortable with it would be greatly appreciated.


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