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Norma A. Boge

I would like specifics on this book. Title and author, please.



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Well I would like a copy also if you would. dpetrilli1@... thanks

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I'd be much interested in the book as well if you don't mind. Would you send me a copy too please?



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Hello there! I can really help you a lot teach your friend the basics of Android. I have a book that I can send you that is in a text document format. It will answer every question your friend has. First of all, the native mail app is Gmail. I use it all the time, and it is very accessible. Chrome is the default browser you are right about that. The apps I use are many third-party apps which you can get off of the Google play store. Facebook is very accessible, messenger, and the native Twitter app for Android is as well. let me know if you want me to send you that book in text format. Let me know how I can help you can write me at
David Moore
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Hi Group,

I am trying to teach someone the basics of the use of an Android phone. 
There's a problem with that.  I don't have one. I do have an iPhone and
I have become quite proficient with it.  I can't believe the overall
techniques of usage are markedly different. I could be wrong.

First question:  Is there a basic native program for e-mail on an
Android phone?  I know there are several flavors of Android operating
systems, but if someone could give me some basics on just how native
programs work, I would greatly appreciate it.

For example, on my iPhone, the mail program is called 'mail.'  The
browser is called 'Safari.'  I believe that the Android browser is
Chrome or Google Chrome.  Instructing this persons, she says that she
sees an icon for Google Chrome.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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