Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Damien, in the mobile arena as we have it presently, only Android supports
multiple screen readers! There's a new one slowly making the rounds; it's
called Commentary Screen Reader. Once upon a time, Shine occupied that
space alongside Talkback; however, Shine developers disappeared into
oblivion! Since both Android and NVDA are open-source, I won't be surprised
if they choose to SHAKE HANDS as I dream on.

It will interest you to know that I DO NOT use NVDA actively although I do
need to take the time to tinker with it. I keep promising myself to set a
time for such activity, but my foggy brain just won't MARK THE CALENDAR
right. Maybe I'll go trade it or find somewhere to exchange it for one that
will be unschedule. Hmm, doing that could make me become a conformist, so
the prospect of doing what I just proposed is a tad scary! Anyhow, I'll
keep the plan to stick my fingers into the NVDA world alive and just slowly
walk my way to it.

Denver, Colorado

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