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Shelly Kane


Thank you so much for explain things to me.  i just thought I had better start getting used to windows 10 wince windows 7 isn't going to be supported anymore.  I use the computer for email and searching the internet and using Facebook.  I may possible need it for a transcription job on Rev if I can even do it with Jaws.  So I'm hoping windows 10 won't be that difficult since that's all I do.  One more things, I also use Bard Express.  Take care.


On 9/17/2019 9:43 AM, Dave wrote:
Hello Shelly,

Even though Win 7 Support is going away, you would still be able to use
Win 7 for a while, possibly for several years depending upon how you use
the Computer.

In January, Win 7 will not just stop working.  Microsoft just will not
be updating it as needed.  Either New bugs and New Conflicts won't be
addressed, or eventually, new programs you have yet to obtain will not
work.  But this too won't be something that happens over night.

I would say you have at least a year to continue to use Win 7, and
perhaps even longer.

I have a friend who is still using Win XP, and he even goes On Line with
it, although he does have some troubles doing so cleanly.    But, he
still uses the same programs he had back when XP was King, and he even
still uses his old Printer, which works fine with his System.

Now if he were to buy a new printer, there most likely will not be any
Drivers for XP, or Win 7 after this coming January.

My guess is that the weakest area in Win 7 is going to be connecting to
the Internet, and this has to do with the Browser more than Win 7.  But
if new versions of Fire Fox or Chrome come along, and they will not run
in Win 7, then you will be limited to running older versions of these
Browsers.  Which might work for a long time.  It really depends upon the
Constantly Changing Internet.

And as mentioned before, if you need to buy a new printer,or Scanner, or
some other Device connected to the Computer, there eventually will not
be Drivers for these new items.

As far as upgrading to Win 10-

I don't know what speed you have become accustomed to with your Win 7.
But installing Win 10 will slow everything down.  it will take longer to
Boot and to move around doing your normal tasks. And it is different
than Win 7.  Like with other Operating Systems, there are similarities
and big differences between Win 10 and Win 7.

There will be a learning process, and you won't need to learn everything
there is about Win 10, but you will need to find out how to do the
typical things you now do in Win 7.   And that should not take you too
long, maybe a few hours to a day or two.

<Smile>  And that's about it for my Arm Chair early morning Pontificating.

Grumpy Dave


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