Major problems with Outlook 365

Norma A. Boge

Hi group,


I’m using Jaws 2019 with outlook 365 on my Windows 10 PC. I’m using CathyAnne’s textbook to help me learn 365 but I’m running into major problems. This post is a little long but I appreciate your indulgence.

I had been using 365 for about a month when I felt comfortable enough to uninstall my Office 2010. After the uninstall, I discovered that the in box for my primary email account in 365 was empty. I called Microsoft, as I had a couple other 365 problems to discuss with them. The tech support person resolved one of the problems I had with 365 but caused other problems, as now my contacts are gone and most of my calendar items. I imported 2 .pst files created during the tech support session but my data is still missing. And I have a feeling I am not receiving all my mail with 365.

There are Jaws-specific problems which I have written to FS about but haven’t yet heard back. These issues include Jaws not consistently reporting message status; Crashes, hanging and slow performance and not seeing messages when I know they exist.

Troubleshooting this is difficult for me, as I believe part of the problem is 365, part is Jaws and part might be my PC.

In closing, let me be frank. Please don’t recommend Thunderbird. If TB was what I needed, I’d be using it. Those

using outlook 365 with Jaws or have relevant suggestions are strongly encouraged to reply.


Thanks much,



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