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Hello Shelly,

<Slight laugh> As you can tell, opinions are all across the board as to whether or not Win 10 would be a beneficial switch, or one that would be more Headache than not.

If your System is 9 years old, it probably is going to run Win 10 slower than it now runs Win 7.

Speaking for myself, if I were in your Shoes, I would just keep using what you have, and start making plans to obtain another newer system later down the road. As mentioned before, even though Win 7 Support is going away in a few months, Win 7 will continue to work until it doesn't. How long this might be, no one can tell you for sure. I would guess Win 7 would work for another two years after Support goes away, but this is just a guess.

As for how to replace that computer with a Newer one, well, of course it will require you to spend some money, and money for some is a hard thing to come by.

I have purchased a number of Used Systems over the years, not only for myself, but for my job as well. And you can get a very good and reliable System for a fraction of what something New would cost. And it would have Win 10 already installed.

Again, this is what I would be looking for if it were me and so my suggestion is a System I would be comfortable with, and that I know would do the job, any job I threw at it. Some here are going to tell you that you could get by with a lot less. You could, but I strongly suggest to resist getting less power. If you can afford it, get more power, but not less!

Here are my suggested Minimums for a replacement System running Win 10.

I chose to go with a Desk top System. If you prefer a Lap Top, then those usually cost more, so figure to almost double the price for a Used Lap Top.

If I were buying a System for you, it would have an I5 Quad Chip with at least 3.0 GHZ. Think of this Chip as the motor in a Car. The larger the Motor, the more Power or Speed that Car has the ability to perform is needed. I would not get anything less than 3.0 ghz, and of course you can always get something even faster if you can afford it. This is a minimum.

I would have 8 GB of Memory and at least 500 GB of Hard Drive Space.

For the tasks you use a computer to accomplish, this system would work very well for you. There are lots of Computers with a lot more Memory, more Speed, and really Giant hard Drives. Those all will cost more, and for what you need, my suggestion is more than capable, but if you have the extra money to spend, then Bigger and Faster is better than slower and smaller. But I don't thik you would find fault with the System I suggest for your needs.

OK what is something like this going to cost?

I just made an early morning visit over to Ebay. Don't know if you have ever gone to that web site, but it is the Giant Yard Sale in the Sky. You can buy just about anything over there.

So ran a search for desk top systems that had an I5 Quad Chip, 500 GB of
HD space, and 8 GB of memory.

The lowest price I saw was $120 and the price went up from there. I
would think of spending $160 to $325 for a good quality replacement Desk
Top. Some systems had Free Shipping, or others had shipping charges

And when it comes to Use Gear, it comes in all conditions. From looking
as if someone dropped it off the top floor of a 10 Story Building to
something that looks untouched by man's hands.

So figure to spend $160 to $325 for a replacement system, that will do
everything you need it to do and more, plus it will have Win 10 installed.

Now for the Fine Print Section of this long winded post-

Shelly, your current system should last you at least another year or
two, and perhaps more. Win 7 will be like Win XP. And some have ran
Win XP for several years after support was gone. It really depends upon
what you need the computer to do. So for the time being, you shouldn't
feel pressure to quickly buy another System. You have some time.

Since I chose to look for Desk Tops instead of Lap Tops, I was assuming
you were using a Desk Top and so already had a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
and Speakers.

If your current System is 9 years old, you will need to purchase another
Keyboard and Mouse, since the ones you have today probably have the
older Round Connector that plugs into the back of the Tower. These
Round Plugs and Sockets have been replaced on newer systems with extra
USB Ports. as all new Keyboards and some Mice are now using a USB

I am always looking for the Perfect Keyboard, and so change mine out
fairly often. I never buy a New one, but I do make a trip to my local
Thrift Store, and I have bought several Keyboards there, and they range
in price from $2 to maybe $5. Same goes for a Mouse. I rarely use one,
but the System likes to have one connected, plus Sighted friends need
one. Mice too can be found at the local Thrift store for about $5.

Your current Monitor should work fine, as it is probably a VGA Monitor,
and since these used systems are also 3 or 4 years old, they would have
a BGA outlet on the back.

The one thing you may need to replace is your Printer, as there may not
be any Driver for your Printer Model for Win 10. This isn't always a
Deal Buster, as sometimes you can get the Driver for Win 7 or 8 and
install it in Win 10. I did this recently for my old Printer, and it
works fine.

Now if you have a Lap Top and wish to get another Lap Top, I would still
look for the same Chip, and memory and HD Size. A Lap Top will cost you
more, and Lap Tops can be Abused and Well Used, but some can be found
that are still in Good Condition. I would be a lot more careful when
purchasing a Used Lap Top. But, for a Lap Top you might be paying an
extra $150 to$400 for a System.

If you, or anyone else have any questions, this List is the place to ask
them. Ask away.

Hope this helps more than it Confuses,

Grumpy Dave

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