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Sis Margaret wrote in part:

"I'm an old dinosaur willing to make occasional forays into the 21st
century. Could someone please tell me what kiosk apps are? The last I knew
kiosks were small booths in a mall or parking lot."

If I dare say so, I'm worst than a dinosaur; but yes sister, you're right!
However, for that kiosk to function, there's an operating system that powers
the app it runs on. Windows cE5xx or 6xx are two examples of such OS's.
Credit card readers and scanners used in stores to process a typical
checkout all still run on Windows cE. But, Microsoft NO LONGER supports
this OS? For public consumption, YES! Behind the scenes for businesses
like Master/Visa/Discover cards and others, Microsoft still rakes in enough
pennies on the OS.

Ok, Android and iOS do read credit cards too; that's true, but, there aren't
that many scanners or PDC's--portable data collectors--powered by either
Android or iOS.

I'm sure you do know that kiosks ARE NOT accessible to the blind; well,
Vispero (or are they still Freedom Scientific?) could be changing that.
I'll scope out the general info an post it in this space. However, don't
expect wide range adoption for quite some time; a fight may necessary go
through the courts before some kiosk operators will permit the installation
of Jaws to work with their apps.

Lastly, we still can't tear a dollar bill apart without the use of a talking
gadget. Hmm, we could have been a lot closer following the court order
several years back; notwithstanding, kiosk operators still oppose the use of
tactile markings on the dollar bill. Worst still, the Bureau of Printing
and the Department of Treasury are NOTORIOUSLY SLOW at coming up with
tactile designs that fit the bill. So, the waiting game continues, maybe we
can find a way to force their hands soon!

Denver, Colorado

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