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Quentin Christensen

Hi Sugar,

LibreOffice comes with:
Writer (Word processor - like Microsoft Word)
Calc (Spreadsheet program - like Excel)
Impress (Presentations - like PowerPoint)
Draw (Drawings)
Math formula
Base (Database - like Access)

It doesn't have an email client.  If you are looking at a laptop with Windows 10, your dad might try Windows mail (built into Windows 10), or Thunderbird.  On earlier versions of Windows, Thunderbird, or Windows Live Mail might be options.

Using email via webmail may also be an option - all that is needed for that is the web browser (whichever one your dad uses).  For a sighted mouse user, web mail works pretty much the same as a full client, for an NVDA user, it's possible to use it, although I prefer using a client.



On Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 1:07 AM Sugar Lopez <sugarsyl71@...> wrote:

Hi all

I am going to purchase a lap top for my dad.

Before I do, I want to know if anyone knows about

•             LibreOffice (Microsoft Office compatible suite)



Does it have a e mail client?

Has anyone ever used it before?

He uses MSN for his e mails so I was wondering if it would work for him



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