Re: Audio description and Uverse..?

Rick Alfaro

Hi. Do yourself a favor and switch back to Comcast. I had Uverse for a couple of months and hated it. You can get audio description but you have to go through the info button on your remote then arrow over to languages and choose Spanish from the list of languages. Talking to AT&T about anything having to do with accessibility is useless. Nobody you talk to has any clue regarding accessibility. The best I got out of them was possibly getting free directory assistance. I went back to Concast which I had for over 15 hears. Their commitment to accessibility is real and so much better in terms of implementation compared to any other of the providers.

On 9/25/2019 11:52 AM, Jim Wohlgamuth wrote:

Hi there FOLKS!

Does anyone know if there is the audio description feature available with Uverse? I was told that it was available but cannot find anywhere to go to set it up? I seriously believe that when my contract with them expires, I will be switching back to Comcast.  Can anyone help me here?

THANKS Much! de

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