Re: unzipping files with windows 10


Even if you highlighted the file and then used your Context Menu/Applications key (Shift+F10) option 7zip is still unavailable?

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I had the same problem. Although, I notice my UnZip Utility went away
after installing a copy of the VLC Media Player on the System. And from
that time forward, I no longer had a choice to Extract on any Menu.

And when I used Open With, I too ended up where you ended up.

I even attempted to install Seven Zip, and even though it installed, I
still had no Menu choices for Seven Zip showing up in any Menus.

Very weird.

I even uninstalled the VLC Media Player, but doing that did not bring
back my ability to UnZip files.

And on this particular System, I still can not UnZip any files. Lucky
for me, I have a Second System that still gives me access to the UnZip
Utility built into Win 10.

And I have not installed the VLC Media Player on this System.

Not sure if I had a conflict on the older Computer, or if I would
experience the same issue if VLC Media Player was installed on this
Newer one. But, for now, I am leaving well enough alone.

As far as losing the ability to UnZip a file due to a Win 10 Update,
Can't remember getting any Updates for Windows around the same time as
installing VLC Media Player.

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