Re: AT and T soon will require acode to get email on some clients

Ron Canazzi

Hi group,

This is obviously some sort of spoof.  If you look at the underlying address to the link, it isn't an AT&T address.  It starts out with something like and then has a huge sub page address spanning 4 lines in a normal text editor's edit field.

I would contact AT&T and see what they have to say, but I would never use that type of link in an e-mail to access what is supposed to be a site from a company or server to which I had a subscription.

On 9/29/2019 7:22 PM, Gene wrote:
First, did you follow the link given in the e-mail or did you go directly to your account using a link you know is safe, not a link in the message?  That is the first question.  The other questions can be discussed later.  Maybe there is no way to change what you are looking for because you did follow a real, known valid, link.  This sort of immediate suspension wording should make you very suspicious.  its wording you would expect from a spam message that is trying to panic users into going to a phony site and giving information.
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Hi All,
I got the below message from A T and  T says they will require a code instead of password on some email clients. I tried to find where to get this code but was unable to find the right place. I just kept going in circles. Anyone else that has an A T and T email address been successful in doing so? Here is the message

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