Re: Muffled Jaws


Try the demo of Jaws 17 and see what happens! Also see if it happens with other screen readers like NVDA or WE. It could be your version of Jaws. If it comes to that then try a repair or un install of jaws and re install of jaws. If then this don’t work then it is an issue with that jaws and something on the computer. Has this just started or has it been an ongoing thing?




From: Marsha via [mailto:marcatony@...]
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 4:13 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Muffled Jaws



   I hope someone can help me with this problem.  Sometimes, without warning, Jaws will either completely stop talking or become so muffled I can no longer understand.  It also returns with out warning.  I have tried this with both versions of Jaws on the computer.  I am using Windows 7 64 with either Jaws 14 or 15.  Does anyone have any clues as to why this is happening?  If I am using Winamp to read a book, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Thanks for any help. 



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