Re: Should I upgrade to windows 10?

Gerald Levy

Another consideration to keep in mind before deciding to upgrade to Windows 10 is that JAWS 16 is not yet fully compatible with it.  For instance, it still does not work with the new Edge browser.  So you may want to wait until JAWS 17 is released before going ahead and upgrading to Win 10.

From: Gene
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To help you decide if you want to upgrade, one consideration is whether you care about additional features Windows 10 offers.  I have a Windows 7 machine and I don't care at all about the new features.  If you want to play with Curtana (spelling) that may be a reason you might want to upgrade.  I don't care about that nor about any other feature I've read about but you may.  Upgrading justbecause something is free and new is not a good reason to upgrade. 
Another consideration is how old your computer is.  If you are using Windows 7 and your machine isn't old, you might want to upgrade.  Support for Windows 7 ends in 2020 so you still have morethan four years of support if you are using Windows 7.  If you anticipate that you will still be using your current computer about four years from now, you may want to upgrade. 
But if you do upgrade, though you may not have any problems, you may such as driver incompatibility problems. 
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Hi Jessica,
I suspect you'll receive many varying opinions on this subject.  My personal opinion is that if you are running 7 and you do not consider yourself overly tech savvy, then the upgrade may not necessarily offer much reason to install it in the short term.  If you are running Windows 8/8.1, you may benefit more from the upgrade, but if you do decide to install it make sure not to select the "Express Settings" when the installation completes.  There are many settings in Windows 10 which are a privacy concern and most of them are enabled by default if you choose the "Express Settings" option.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Should I upgrade to windows 10?


I would like to know if I should upgrade to windows 10?

I have heard nothing but good reviews.

What do you guys think?

I’m using the latest version of NVDA.




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