Re: i-Bill Reader Question

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

As one who keeps attempting to run a business and must necessarily count out
bills for customer's change fast and quick, I detest the iBill! Tactile
markings should have been on the dollar bill more than ten years ago if my
counting is reasonably accurate. ACB won that landmark case against the
Department of Treasury even though the NFB was averse to the idea, sided
with Miss Government and lost on all fronts.

How long exactly must it take to come up with acceptable tactile markings on
the dollar bill? The $1 bill is exempted from such markings and that's fine
with me. Using the iBill or even any phone app in my situation is NOT
KOSHER and poses threats against which I may not be able to defend myself in
a store front where I am typically working alone.

How many more litigations are needed to correct a wrong? And I'm told
always that TWO WRONGS don't make a right, how about the very first wrong?
If Miss Government can't police herself by making sure that she enforces ADA
impartially, why should private commercial entities be scolded at every turn
for hardly ever thinking about ADA?

Denver, Colorado

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