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Sean Paul

I don’t currently use ADT as I was using a local service that I no longer contract with. I am currently looking for a much less expensive option. I say all that to say all this. I had a person who sold security systems years ago tell me something that I’m a firm believer in. The most important part of a security system is the sign in the yard & the stickers on the windows. So if they’re being offered. Take them. If not, buy them.

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Hi Dave,
Hope this will clear up some of your questions:
The signs are an option, they'll supply them, but it's up to you to put them up.  They also supply stickers for your windows.

The contract terms must be different now than when I started with ADT over 25 years ago.  Back then I was only doing 1 year contracts, but now if we upgrade or change equipment the terms are 24 months.  We are also having them protect 2 homes so that might play into why we might get a break or 2 here and there.

The flat screen keypad is a load of crap if that's all they can offer!  They used to offer push button key pads and the systems we have at either house talk, which the voice functionality can be turned on or off if someone gets annoyed with it squawking.  At one of the homes we can operate the alarm from our iPhones ADT Pulse app or from a home phone, but at the other home we can only use the iPhone ADT Pulse app.

At both homes we also have multiple cameras that upload the video to the ADT Pulse server / website where it stores the video and we can access / see all activity from our iPhones or computers.  I can't see the video but my wife can and we can operate the alarm systems and the thermostat at the one house from the ADT Pulse iPhone app or portal / website.  I haven't figured out how to work the thermostat from my iPhone or computer as of yet, but hopefully that'll become accessible over time.
Another thing I'll add is that we had a Ring Doorbell installed at the home that we don't live at and this alerts my wife's iPhone whenever someone comes into the yard or enters the gate to come to the front door.  Which also stores video at the Ring Doorbell server / website, but this is a separate protection device from our ADT contract although ADT installed it.
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Hello Mike,

Thanks, can you elaborate? When I talked to them there offering plan
was within budget, but the few things I didn't like was the "crime
prevention"/"I call it advertizing signage which in my opinion makes
your property a target" I might be able to live with it but don't like
it. Price wise yah I could budget it. Another thing I didn't like
during my call was the contract term, 36 months, I was really hoping
for something shorter in length as I eventually want to get my own
equipment and store the videos locally which is what I told them. But
maybe I could take that too, a little harder, but the thing that broke
the bank for me was a touchscreen keypad at side of property for
entry, no alternative, inaccessible, and obviously didn't talk and
can't interface with a phone or other technology.

I guess my questions are do you have these issues and if so how do you
get by with them?


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> Hi Dave,
> Yes we do.
> Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
> Every man should marry.  After all, happiness is not the only thing in
> life.
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> Hello,
> Does anyone use ADT company/services?
> Thanks.
> Dave.

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