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I’m not using Windows 10, and I’m sure it’s better, and more accessible than previous versions,, but I’ve always disliked Windows and the way Microsoft releases bad updates.

I don’t want our government to give Microsoft money for any reason.  That would be a waste of our tax dollars.  The best thing people can do is bug Microsoft and/or switch to Linux, iOS, Mac, Chrome or Android.



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What law says that a company can't mismanage its product?  We'll see what happens as Microsoft is under increasing pressure from users, and particularly business users, to administer updates properly.  I think it is ridiculous and unmanageable to have two full updates of Windows a year.  That is, in essense, installing two completely new versions.  But Windows has had a lot of bad incremental updates over the last year as well.
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For me, Windows is the only option for an operating system that I am willing to consider.  So, why can’t our congress fine Microsoft a large amount of money to force them to get their act together.
Or, is this unrealistic?
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Hi Gene! This is getting ridiculous.  How dare they, Microsoft release updates before they make sure that the updates will work first.  People, will be forced to switch to lenox if that continues.  If it was other companies treated their customers in that fashion, there would be such an outcry where it is possible that those companies might be going bankrupt.  Shame on Microsoft; that is poor workmanship.
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